Papisco Kudzi

Papisco KUDZI's paintings depict with unconcealed brutality and fortitude a complicated and dense world with different levels of interpretation. Here, nothing is polished, polite or conventional. Papisco works with passion: he throws himself into the world behind his art, engrosses himself in Africa's ancient artefacts, questions Conceptual Art, and expresses with sincerity his thoughts about the art market.

Like Tony Soulié, he exploits times, influences, topics, cultures. He is a daring artist who projects his peculiarities unto his art. Despite his commitment to art and his obvious talent and skill for it, the appropriateness of his work has often been debated. His paintings, while not depicting nudity or having sexual significance, arouse the mind with their emotionally graphic quality.

Papisco lives and works between Africa, Europe and the United States of America. His preferred materials are acrylics and pigments; however evidence of his Togolese Origin is seen in the soil and statuettes he uses.

The works of Papisco KUDZI reflect our own World with all its complexity, and all its depth.