Moussa Tine


2012-2010-2008 -‘Les Rencontres sur le fleuve’ An initiative of the writer Sokhna Benga. De Saint-Louis à Podor à bord du bateau Bouel Mogdad.

2012 - Design and Implementation of the project Conception ‘l’Art au Chevet de la Conscience Citoyenne’ a thematic workshop: Photography, drawing, painting and collage with Youths from Dakar suburbs. Funded by the City of Dakar.
- Workshop of Manual work with students from High Schools and Colleges at the Frederich Neumann Foundation, Dakar

2011 - Workshop exposition: National Issues? The word of the artist. Frederich Neumann Fondation , Dakar

2010-2011 - Craft workshops with young under the aegis of HUMAN APLE

2009 - Workshop of Bolivian silkscreen and Vietnamese painting at the Musée d’Aquitaine, Bordeaux, France.

2002 - Founder of fresco(300 x 100cm) for the municipailty of Libramont, Belgique

1999 - Virtual Africa project (ISEA) Montréal (Québec) Canada: Introductory Workshop to the Multimédias at Métissacana, Dakar.
- Co-director of the multimédia project ‘Amika’ with Ndari Lô et ISEA at Métissacana.

1998 - Workshops - Résidence ‘le PONT’ Recycling, St Louis organised by Goethe Institut

1995 - Workshops - Résidence HELSEN (Aller) in Goree, Senegal.
- Workshop at the Headquarters ANAPS (National Association of Visual Artists of SN)
- Ateliers - Résidence HELSEN (Retour) in Geneva and Zurich, Switzerland

1994 - Workshop (ANAPS) at USTD, Expo : ‘Souffle nouveau’ Galerie 39 of CCF, Dakar

1993 - Making of frescoes Senegalase artists and Canadian Cultural Centre B. Senghor.

1993 - Workshop at the headquartes of ANAPS and exhibition at the Galerie Lézard, Dakar.

1989 - reconstruction of the Bastille towers (8mx3mx4) Cours Ste Marie de Hann Dakar.

1989 - Co-director of a large mural (40m x 2m) for RTS.

1983 - Selection of mock-ups: ‘L’AUBE’ Manufacture of Decorative Arts, Thies


2008- Gallery Azur Spa in Belgium

2004-‘Human Events’ Biennale Dak’Art Off, at l’ISIC with Cheikh Anta Diop

2002- Térang’Art gallery exhibition, Dakar

2001- Exhibition ‘Convergence’ Pencium Goethe Institut, Dakar

1999- Exhibition ‘Baay jagal’ at the Mam gallery in Douala, Cameroun.

1998- Exhinition ‘Baay jagal’ at the Pencium Goethe Institut, Dakar

1994- Exhibition at the Wiitef galerie, Building Allumettes Pl. de Indépendance, Dakar

1986- Exhibition at the ‘L’Espace’ Gallerie in Gorée, Sénégal.

1981- Exhibition at the National Theatre Daniel Sorano in Dakar.
- Exhibition at the Hôtel de Ville in Thies.
- Exhibition at the French Cultural Centre G. Berger of St Louis.


2010- Contemporary Art of Senegal in Riyadh Saudi Arabia

2009- “Dix (10) ans ROOT’ART” Meet-up of artitsts from (7) countries in Bordeaux
- Exhibition ‘Transformation’ Fowler Museum Collection, Los Angeles, USA

2008- Contemporary Art of Sénégal in Québec, Canada
- “A Saint in the City" Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture at New York Library, New York; Co-hosted by the Institute for Religion, Culture, and Public Life at Columbia University, New York

2007- “A Saint in the City" Museum of International Folk Art, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
- “A Saint in the City" Spencer Museum of Art, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas, USA.
- Expo “Inscribing Meaning” National Museum of African art, Washington DC, USA

2008- Expo “Inscribing Meaning” Fowler Museum, Los Angeles, USA
- 1st and 2nd edition of the PRIVATE COLLECTIONS of the Manege Gallery IF/LSS, Dakar
- “A Saint in the City" Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois, Urbana- Champaign, Illinois. USA
- ‘TRAJECTOIRES’ contenporary Art of Sénégal, collection Chaïtou Bassam, Museum IFAN, Dakar.

2006- Exhibition «Le Sénégal au cœur de Paris» Houphouët Boigny Awards, UNESCO HEADQUARTERS, France.
- Biennal OFF, «Salon Solidarité» Galerie LSS, Village des Arts Dakar.
- Exhibition «Humanit’Art » organised by the CICR in Mexico City, Mexico.
- Opening of The Manège Gallery, French Institut Léopold Sédar Senghor, Dakar
- “A Saint in the City" The Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, USA

2004- 2005 - ‘Regard sur Cours’ Open Day of Goree, Biennale Dak’Art Off.
- Exhibition ‘Multicolores’ in Chenee, Liege in Belgique
- Exhibition «Musulmanes, musulmans…» Parc de la Villette, Paris, France.

2003- “A Saint in the CITY” Sufi of the Urban Senegal. Fowler Museum; Los Angeles
- Workshop-Exhibition ‘Humanit’Art’ Léopold Sédar Senghor Gallery at the Village des Arts, under the auspices of the CICR, Dakar.

2002- Exhibition ‘Sign-é-art 2002’ Musuem of Contemporary Arts, University libre of Brussels.
- International Exhibition‘ART ‘Dennes 2002’ French Ardennes in France.
- Exhibition « le Dak’Art à Paris » galerie Besseiche in Paris, France
- Exhibition ‘AFRICA NOW’ The B. G. internationals in Liege, Belgium

2001-2005-2006- 14, 18 et 19th International Exhitbition‘Libr’Art’ atLibramont, Belgium.
- ‘Noëls d’Afrique’ at the Cultural Centre of Chénée in Liège, Belgique.

2000- Biennale Dak’Art (Off) at the Museum Boribana Almadies in Dakar.
- International Fair of Liege in Belgium

1999- Exhibition « Signe pluriel » CRE’ART at the National Gallery of Art, Dakar.
- Contemporary Art of Senegal at Cartagena in Spain.

1998- Fiftieth Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (RADHO) National Gallery of Arts, Dakar

1997- Exhibition ‘Solidarité’ the Rotary Club Soleil at Galerie Quatre Vents, Dakar.

1996- Tribute to Léopold Sédar Senghor at Verson inn France and in Dakar.
- Biennial DAK’ART 96 ‘Salon de l’Amitié’ National Gallery of Arts, Dakar.
- Exibition ‘Rencontre interculturelle’ at the Galerie du Pommier Neuchâtel, Switzerland
- Exhibition of Senegales Artists in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

1995- Contemporay Art of Senegal at Praia, Cap –Vert.

1995- Exhibition ‘Souffle Nouveau’ (ANAPS) Gallery 39 French Cultural Centre, Dakar
- Exhibition ‘Helsen intercultures’ St Gervais in Genevea, Switzerland

1995- 6th National Exhibition of artists to the IFAN Museum (Place Soweto) Dakar.

1994- Exhibition (Découverte 94) Paris, France

1993- Exhibition‘Black History Week’ Oslo in Norway.

1992- International Exhibition, Seville, Spain.
- ‘OAU SUMMIT’ Meridien Président, Dakar.
- Exhibition ANAPS Gallery Harmory Hall and Montpellier Gallery, USA.
- 1st Biennial of Arts (Dak’Arts) Seect international Exhibition, Dakar

1990- Travelling Exhibition of Contemporary Art of Sénégal in Europe, Japon and USA.
- Exhibition of the Memorial of Goree-Almadie, Brazil

1989- Bicentenary of the French Revolution and Human Rights at G.N.A. Dakar.

1988- Pairing of Dakar-Bakou in URSS.
- ‘Randonnée de la Paix’ Italian Cultural Centre, Dakar.

1987- Exhibition at the Neuheisel Gallery in Saarbrücken, Germany
- Exhibition at the Kerami Gallery in Stuttgart, Germany
- Exhibition at the Nannof Gallery at Wehigen, Germany
- Exhibition Prefespac at the Dynamique Museum of Dakar.

1986- 2nd National Exhibition of New Formula Arts at the Musée Dynamique.
- International Fair of Vancouver, Canada

1985- Congress of the Association of Artists of the Black American Diaspora, G.N. d’Art.

1984- Exhibition of Young Senegalese Painters at Bonn in Germany.
- Exhibition of Young Senegalese Painters at Azerbaïdjan, URSS.

1983- Contemporary Arts od Sénégal at Casablanca, Marocco and in Tunis, Tunisia.
- Exhibition‘Lire en Bretagne’ Quimper Museum, Lorient, France.

1982- Exhibition of Young Senegalese Painters, Soviet Cultural centre, Dakar.

1981- Exhibition at the German Cultural Centre of Dakar.

1978- 1983 – Meet-ups (TENQ) Ex Village ofArts, Ave Peytavin, Dakar

1975- 3rd National of Fine Arts, Musée Dynamique of Dakar.