Moussa Tine

Moussa Tine is an important contemporary artist whose works have been shown at a number of local and several international exhibitions. Although he has received some beaux-arts training, his first career was as a self-taught sign-painter. In particular, he created and for twenty years ran a small business painting motifs on the colorful car rapides or public transport mini-vans that ply the streets of Dakar.

Moussa Tine began this profession quite by chance, having come to Dakar as a boy to find a first job as a ticket-taker on a car rapide.

When he painted scenes from the life of Amadu Bamba inside of the mini-van, others commissioned his work. Soon he was painting the eyes, eagles, flowers, and other motifs on the outsides of vans that make the vehicles so famously picturesque. Some of these designs he invented, with his most celebrated and frequently copied picture an image of Lamp Fall stretched in a running position, a club in his hand and his dreads flowing behind him.

Moussa did well enough to begin taking classes at the National School of Fine Arts, where he learned to use the acrylics that remain his preferred medium.