Fola Lawson

2009Solo exhibit in medical practice of doctors Kraenzler Lambrechts / Valletta - Toulon

2007Solo exhibit at the municipal space Tisot hernia in Seyne-Sur-Mer in Toulon France

2006Collective Exhibition in the « off de la Biennale de Dakar 2006 » architectural firm in Dakar, Senegal
Collective Exhibitions at SUP’INFO IT Institut in Dakar, Senegal
Group exhibition at the festival of the film ‘Regard sur le Cinema du Sud’ in   Rouen, France
Group exhibition of the Cultural week of Senegal at UNESCO in Paris, France

2002 Collective Eshibition at Kébé, called «A World of Paintings » Dakar, SENEGAL

2001 Solo Exhibit at l'Ile St-Martin de Ré in France

1999-2001 CCF of St-Louis, SENEGAL
Résident Village of Arts in Dakar, SENEGAL
Several other collective exhibitions at the National Gallery of Arts in Dakar

1998 AH Art development in partnership with VECO in TOGO

1997 Embassy of Germany in TOGO
Open Exhibit at Agou Gadzépé, TOGO
CCF of Lome, TOGO

1995 Gallery Alter Sack in Lomé, TOGO

2000I do not make it visible, I make visible. I paint to support the daily living of the eye.

1999I also can not say, how will my work. This makes all my paintings, "Untitled" So far from preconception.

1998As the human race, a baby at another baby. One canvas to another canvas. Since pregnant women can not tell advance, how will her baby.

1997When I'm in front of the canvas, Any size preconception away from me. And I have only one desire, Start with the disorder, and finish in the order.

1996A man can learn it to another man, to caress a woman? I am self-taught, so spontaneously, I started to paint.

1995I do not do paintings, called Africa. I am an AFRICAN man, which makes the painting.

Meet Ups

2006 Workshop of hundred pound objects for Senghor in Toubab Dialaw, Senegal

2005 Participation in the National Exhibition of Contemporary Art in Dakar, Senegal

2004Worksbop Z ' ART of Ziguinchor

2003 Humanit'ART Workshop (workshop for the ICRC for the edification of his actions in the world) Dakar, SENEGAL
Participation in the 6th  National Exhibition of Contemporary  Art in Dakar, SENEGAL