Amadou Dieng

Self-Taught Painter, and Scuptor, Amadou Dieng, begun to externalise in 1979 and exhibited individually for the first time during the same year. His last exhibition was held in 1998 at National Gallery of Art themed ‘ART AND MEDIA. The artist sometimes leaves his paintings time to walk his brushes on surfaces that inspire him.

Amadou is a passionate artist and  his mystic nature plays a key role. Spring colors and lines twist of his works still without titles that let the eternal questions about the company. He has been exhibiting in Senegal and abroad.

“I do not make it visible, I make visible. I paint to support the daily living of the eye. I do not paint for the mind, I tell him. I do not mean me, I mean the personality of art. The art is not craft, craftsmanship is inherently geographical, while the art itself is universal. Said the paintier Amadou Dieng.”