About us

Mille Arts was created to offer an international platform for a new generation of emerging African contemporary artists. Its goal is to present a fresh view on contemporary African arts and its ethos is to preserve, protect and educate on African/black culture.

In turn, Mille Arts Foundation works towards alleviating poverty and frustration in Africa. Its aim is to support the most disadvantaged individuals in the most deprived areas of Africa, where art and design are considered of little importance, with survival as the overriding factor.

To create safe learning environments in poverty stricken areas in Africa, that empower children and give them the skills and abilities to lift themselves and their communities. More importantly to give them creative choices in their educational journey, making learning more fun and more enjoyable.

In training and nurturing children and young people’s creative abilities, the foundation hopes to assist in the utilisation of education and personal development as a vehicle to facilitate better choices and options for underprivileged children and young people in deprived areas across Africa. The hope is that given creative choices, the next generation will not succumb to crime or desperation to alleviate their situations and that their confidence in their abilities, will drive their ambition to become valuable members of their communities and possibly the artists and designers of the future.

  • To teach children and young people how to tap into their creative potentials
  • To educate children and young people on the importance of their culture and heritage
  • To enable and encourage children and young people in discovering the bliss of art
  • To help existing artists develop their unrevealed skills
  • To provide financial assistance to emerging artists (for materials, tools etc)
  • To aid in career development e.g. building the profiles of emerging artists through promotional campaigns beyond Africa and around the globe

Is for an Africa whose young people are given the opportunity to discover art and design

Is for an Africa, whose younger generation respects, understands and incorporates Africa’s rich cultural heritage in their creations.

Is an Africa whose children can discover their true potential through creative education

Is a world where communities live without poverty, in a clean and protected natural environment

To see and change a world where children and young people do not need to depend upon the streets, or criminal activity to survive, instead being able to utilise what is around them to create and instigate change

That every child and young individual be given the opportunity to choose their true path – in education and life

That every underprivileged child be given the chance to develop his ability to learn in a safe, creative environment, so that he can continue the legacy of Africa’s rich cultural heritage in a contemporary and progressive world

The Mille Arts Foundation will work with local and international partner organisations on projects that target specific causes of art, design and cultural development in deprived communities.

We will achieve this by organising fundraising and volunteer support to our projects, which will be geared towards introducing the following:

  • An insight into cultural studies
  • Ancient art history
  • Art appreciation
  • African civilization
  • Development of black identity
  • Great traditions in Africa
  • Jazz Music – History and appreciation
  • Contemporary Art connections
  • African art and Modernisation
  • Contemporary African Art
  • Fine Art

The core areas are: African cultural promotion and protection, recognition of African culture and awareness of Africa’s historical and cultural legacy

To spur children’s interest at all schooling levels via training initiatives, workshops and debates, as well as other targeted activities. The foundation’s projects will do a great deal in empowering children to discover at an early age, the richness of their culture and inspire them to take an avid interest in art and design.

The foundation’s projects will strengthen the understanding of black culture and aid in its promotion and protection. The foundation hopes to intervene at the youngest possible age of a child’s life to help them at as an early a stage as possible.

The foundation will look to reach children and young people in African schools, as well as orphans living in poverty.

While educational focus is predominantly on academia; reading, writing, concentration, mathematics etc, all highly important in their own right, the foundation believes that creativity is key. Creativity is what children use to write stories, solve problems, play music, make arts and crafts and even perform complex maths operations.

When creative skills are nurtured and the individual has developed their art form, the foundation looks to offer:

  • Financial help to aid further skill development and to enable their skill to become a reality
  • Organise residential workshops with artists and art establishments worldwide
  • Promote their work internationally and aid in career strategy

Creativity is being able to think and develop new ideas. In order to help children become creative individuals, we need to foster their natural curiosity and sense of adventure. Children are like sponges that can absorb new information easily and a child that is curious will go out of his or her way to learn new things. The more things that a child finds interesting, or inspiring, the easier it will be for him or her to make new connections and come up with his own unique ideas.

So for children creativity is a vehicle to build vital life skills with activities that feed imagination